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Looking for an SEO agency based in Chichester that will help increase your organic traffic? Instead of PPC advertising, gaining free traffic from search engines is a great long digital marketing strategy that will help increase your

Increase traffic to your website from search engine results. The fantastic thing about SEO is that consumers are actively seeking a solution or product, you are not advertising to them in the hope they want it at that particular time.

I’ve seen businesses grow and some even form off the back of great SEO Chichester  marketing.

There is no real secret to great SEO

Unlike some SEO agencies in Chichester I won’t ever promise you’ll rank number 1 in Google, but I’ll use my experience to help develop and implement your SEO strategy to get you up those search rankings.


Content Marketing

Content is now absolutely king. Create relevant and engaging content for your website and for other websites to share.

On-page SEO

H1 tags, meta titles, site structure, the content you write and more all affects how you appear in search results.

Link Building

Link building is now synonymous with digital PR. Work with websites to create interesting content that links to your site.


SEO Case Study

Market leaders should lead in Google

JCC Lighting is a lighting manufacturer based in Bognor, West Sussex. Specialising in LED products, they claim to be the market leader in ‘Fire Rated Downlights’.

Claiming to be a market leader but being on the 3rd page of Google for the term ‘Fire Rated Downlights‘ did not make sense to me. Firstly, I optimised the website by creating key product category pages ( The second phase was a digital PR campaign, linking to the product category page. This was achieved by writing unique and interesting content magazines would publish, like this article (I used a colleagues name and his job title for the article).

JCC Lighting went from page 3 to constantly ranking between 2nd and 5th on page 1 for the search term ‘Fire Rated Downlights‘.

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