Start seeing results right away with Google and Bing Ads. This is an essential tool for increasing traffic to your website to generate new leads or sales.

Small businesses often feel daunted by this prospect and think it will cost them £1,000’s to set up and run. I often get asked the question ‘well how much is this going to cost me?’. The answer is always dependant on your budget, but a Google Ads account that is not set up correctly could cost a lot more in unexpected clicks, especially if your budgeting and keyword match are not set up correctly.

I can manage all aspects of your paid advertising accounts, and work closely with you to ensure you get the results you want.

Have you ever thought about paid social media advertising? It is a great way to grow your brand and target very niche sets of a population.


Account Set Up

Set up your Google Ads account the right way. Have campaigns, ad groups and ads in a logical format.

Account Management

For best results, continual management of the account is needed. From adding new products, price changes to negative keywords.


Re-engage the traffic that did not convert on your website with display remarketing ads. A great advertising tool for all websites.

PPC Management


Refocusing a campaign for results

As part of a complete digital marketing overhaul service, one of my clients Google Ads account was very unstructured and although it was obtaining a lot of traffic, the results were not there. After much (and continual) optimisation the account has seen a 76% increase in conversions compared to same period last year, even though overall costs has slightly decreased (-11%). This was achieved by:

  • Developing a logical account structure
  • Changing bidding strategy to manual CPC
  • Keyword development to focus on core offerings
  • Re-working ad copy to pre-qualify traffic
  • Remarketing was narrowed to focus on key product pages only
  • Re-assesed and changed conversions to better gauge what works
  • Constantly adding negative keywords

No contracts – No hidden costs – 100% transparency


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